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Finding Inner Peace

Caterina MA, LPC, LMFT


While Living In a Crazy

Specializing in personal and

Certified Coach, IAC-CC, CVCC

Yet Beautiful World

spiritual transformation

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    How Do I Start?

    • Contact me by phone (210-492-6882) or e-mail (subject heading: COACHING INQUIRY) to set up your free 30 minute “Let’s talk and get acquainted” session.
    • After that session contact me for the Intake Packet which will include. Please fill them in and email  to me:
    1. Agreement form
    2. Intake information
    3. Personal Questionnaire
    4. Life Balance Wheel
    5. Call prep form (optional, but recommended)

    Mailing Address:

    Caterina Arends

    3740 Colony Dr., Suite 260

    San Antonio, TX, 78230 USA

    • Set up the date and time with me for your first full coaching session. Be sure to note the time zone difference.
    • Pat yourself on the back for taking this step for yourself and your life!

      Appreciate and enjoy your unique and special journey!

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